Pure Cotton Stole

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<ORIKO-ZOME Original Stole>

This stole is very soft like silk cotton.
It is made from the ORIKO-ZOME cloth which is woven with no dyeing-twist yarns as the weft. This fine stole is dyed with light colors gradation using the method of brush by Tsukasa Kamemura who is a dyeing and weaving designer in Kyoto.

You can use in various styles as a muffler or a stole.
As it is 100 % cotton, even those who have sensitive skin or allergic reactions feel comfortable.

The colors and patterns differ from one another due to the hand-dyeing. Choose your favorite colored design.

Munenshi yarn is the yarn which is not twisted.
Cotton yarn has certain strength because it is usually woven by pulling out the fibers from a cotton ball and twisting it into thread.
On the contrary, this Munenshi is very soft because it is woven by spinning thin cotton yarns around cotton yarns not spinned.