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List of Izumi Momen products

“Izumi Momen” is the pride of Izumi, Osaka.


We weave the historic and prestigious japanese Culture.

Izumi Cotton has been woven since the Edo era. Produced around the Senshu area in Osaka.
The quality raw cotton grown in Izumi makes excellent long and thin fibers. The fabrics woven with it are used for Tenugui (hand towels), Yukata (summer kimono), and others. “Izumi Cotton” has long won renown.
Around 1910 Cheap imported cotton flooded the market and “Izumi Cotton” disappeared becoming little more than a legend.
Recently, this legendary product has been revived by local manufactures as the Izumi brand.
Although cheap imported products are popular today, our professionals select and produce high-end quality textile goods.

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