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Name Hirayama Textile Co., LTD./td>
Address 16-16, Kamiishiichino-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai- shi, Osaka, 590-0813, JAPAN
TEL +81-72-261-9425
FAX +81-72-261-9426
CEO Yasuo Hirayama


1919 The late Kojiro Hirayama, grandfather of the current president, became independent from a family and established the Hirayama textile factory, installing a Kohaba weaving machine. Kohaba means 40cm width rolled cloth. Produced woven custom items such as bank coin bags and naval loincloths.
1939 A new Hirohaba weaving machine suitable for rolls of cloth over 70 cm wide was installed.
1942 The Act for Integration and industrial adjustment was issued by the government during the war and merged. All mechanical equipment and buildings were contributed due to the Metal Collection Act.
1945 The integrated company was dissolved due to the war end.
1949 Kyoji Hirayama, father of the current president, re-established a weaving business jointly with Hannan Shokufu Co. Ltd.
1952 Resigned from the company. Restarted the Hirayama Firm at its current address and installed a Kohaba weaving machine.
1963 Reorganized Hirayama Textile Co. LTD. Kyoji Hirayama became the president and installed two new automatic Hirohaba weaving machines.
1991 Removed 85% of all mechanical equipment. Developed and installed automatic Kohaba weaving machines.
1992 Completed the new head office along with the technology research factory and FA, OA systems of the first stage. Won the "Osaka prefecture’s Prize for Creativity" of new technology and development. Working hard for material creation and commercialization of the products through "Textile innovation".
1994 Established "MURAKU Laboratory" literally ENJOY DREAMING (Open Laboratory). Commenced the study of natural Indigo and vegetable dyeing. Installed indigo dyeing machines.
1996 Participated in establishing the "Izumi Cotton Club".
2001 Takao Hirayama became the executive director of the company, (representative of the Izumi Cotton Club.)
2007 Renewed Izumi Cotton's online shop "ORIKO-ZOME".
2019 Published 100th anniversary commemorative magazine ``Transferring the bond between warp and weft to the next generation''
2023 60th anniversary of company's founding: EB shop "ORIIRO" relaunched
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